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Joey has been entertaining for over 30 years, starting at the age of seven. His first professional gig was at the age of thirteen. He remembers making $10 with a folk band that his junior high music teacher had formed. "I still have the picture of me holdin’ the ten spot with a big cheesy grin."

Joey joined his first rock band in 1977 as the lead singer/guitarist with the band "Black Velvet". Joey remembers playing shows with the band that consisted of only 4 or 5 songs. In 1983 he formed a hard rock band called "Detour" for a high school talent show. The band blew the roof off the gym and winning with covers by Van Halen, Rush, and the Scorpions.

While Joey was a senior in high school he auditioned for a Top 40 band that was working on the club circuit. He got the job and was thrilled to be making more money than his friends flipping burgers.

Over the last few years Joey has pulled together some of the most talented and experienced musicians on stage to back "JOEY JAMES DEAN". The show this group brings to the stage is unmatched anywhere else "Period". Their song list includes all the crowd favorites along with hits that other bands won’t even dare to attempt.

Booking "JOEY JAMES DEAN" will turn your event into a "PARTY", and make your party the "EVENT"!


copyright Joey James Dean Band.